Let the Countdown Begin…

Today is June 7th. That means there are only 24 days until I will be on a plane headed for Accra. It is unbelievable how fast time seems to be going.

In May, I was able to spend a few days in Toronto at the SIM Canada office, for some training and a what seemed like a floodgate of information. I met so many wonderful people and was truly inspired and encouraged by the passion and dedication of all those who I met. There were 5 other participants there with me and I was so inspired by their stories and dreams and encouraged by their friendship. SIM is truly a wonderful organization that has been incredibly blessed by God as they seek to serve the world through mission.

As I have been home, preparing to leave, I have been continuously overwhelmed by the blessings of God through the amazing people in my life. I sent out my first support letter on May 19th and 20 days later I have received almost 75% of the funds that I need and many commitments to prayer. God and His people never cease to bless me in new and unexpected ways. I believe that God will continue to provide and I will receive 100% of what I need.

I am so looking forward to meeting the people in Accra, both the missionaries and the locals. I am excited to get involved with the church there and serving in any way I can, but I must say I am quite excited to get involved with the children’s ministry programs.

As I continue to prepare to leave I ask that you would continue to pray. Please pray that all the little details would come together quickly. From things like: ticket purchase to remembering to pack everything I need. This month is a very busy one for me. Wrapping up the school year as well as New West Symphony and Chorus’ Spring Concert and our very first recording. Pray that I would have peace and be able to prepare my heart as much as possible in this busy time.

Thank you so much for your support in prayer and funds. I pray that wherever you are in your journey, that you would be open to wherever the Lord is leading you.


2 thoughts on “Let the Countdown Begin…

  1. So excited for you my friend! I echo your prayers for endurance over these next weeks, and stand with you as you prepare & ultimately go.
    We love you lots 🙂

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