Weeks Two and Three.

3 weeks! I have been gone for 3 weeks! This is crazy to me. What’s even crazier is that I only have 3 weeks left in this amazing place.

What to tell you from the last 2 weeks?

I have met so many incredible people with the most amazing hearts, and the cutest children that probably will ever exist 🙂 If you ever need to feel loved just come to Ghana. It is the most wonderful experience to walk into the churches gate and have 20 children run towards you screaming “Auntie Carrie!!!!” and then all fighting to be able to hug you. I have loved getting to know the children and being able to teach them bible stories and songs. They all have the most incredible memory I have ever seen. This culture is so auditory that they are able to learn and pick up the things that they hear so quickly. I have noticed this especially when working with the worship ministry at the church. They can listen to a song just a few times and are able to play it only from ear. It is really quite amazing to watch.

Some of my favorite moments have been watching people learn and develop an understanding of music. I am doing a short class once a week for the worship leaders on basic music theory.  It is amazing to see their faces change from sheer confusion to that “ah ha” moment. Next week the church has asked me to sing a couple of solos as a part of their spiritual emphasis week. For any New Westers reading this, I have decided to share a piece of us with Ghana and sing Child of God. It is such a powerful song and I know God will use it to touch people here like it does so many in our concerts. I am very fortunate to have made a good friend on the worship team who is a very talented piano player, so I pretty much can pick any song I like and he can do it, so nice!

It has also been great to get to know the other associates here and their families! I love spending time with my “boss” Sherri, she is lots of fun and such a great person to talk to and ask a million questions to 🙂

Thursdays are our days off. Usually we head to a beach and just relax for the day. But, yesterday we went to Cape Coast to a city called Elmina. Elmina is named after a castle that was built in the 1300’s and was turned into a slave trading post. We went for a tour inside the castle and it was probably one of the hardest hours of my life. As I listened to the tour guide explain what each room was used for and explain how the women were treated, I was reminded of really how broken and fallen the human race really is. I had always heard of places like this and of what happened but to be there, to walk through the dungeons, to see the cells where so many lifeless bodies were piled, it was suddenly just so real. This really happened. Definitely still processing and definitely very moved by what I saw and heard. Even though it is a difficult place to go, I pray that many people continue to go, especially Africans from all over the world to really see the roots that they come from.

Tomorrow begins my busy weekend of rehearsals and more rehearsals. There is a youth camp coming up in August that I am helping with. A youth camp here is nothing like a youth camp in Canada. There are no games in a big field, no tuck, no canoeing, archery or hiking. We get up very early probably about 5am and pray. Then we have some worship, probably a speaker, some more prayer and worship, some food, and more prayer, worship and speaking. We go to bed very late and do it all again the next day. People here are very, very serious about their Lord. This is not a bad thing just very different. I am very humbled by the devotion and ceaseless worship of these people. They have inspired and convicted me in my personal life so much.

Well I hope you have been successfully


Please continue to pray for me in the next 3 weeks. Please pray for:

Strength to get through all the rehearsals for church and youth camp

Deep connections with the youth at the camp

That the songs I share with the church would speak in a new way to the people here.

That the people I am working with and teaching would understand and catch on quickly to the theories and parts I am teaching them.

That God would continue to use and mold me while I am here.

Thank you once again for all your love ans support!!!

A picture of the courtyard taken from the Governors balcony.

A picture of the courtyard taken from the Governors balcony.



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